Demolition of the Hotel Königshof with the concrete crusher XMB 2.8

Bergmann GmbH from Feldkirchen near Munich began demolishing the Hotel Königshof on Stachus/Karlsplatz in downtown Munich in May 2019.

The historic Hotel Königshof, a Munich landmark with a heritage spanning over 150 years and managed by the local Geisel hotelier family, is giving way to a new futuristic design by the Spanish architecture firm Nieto Sobejano. The classic façade of the traditional luxury hotel and Michelin-starred restaurant have long been a central feature of Munich's cityscape. Bergmann, the company previously involved in demolishing the traditional "Andechser am Dom" restaurant to make way for the new FC Bayern Munich fan world, is also at work on this project. Utilizing a CAT 349 UHD, the team is methodically deconstructing the building, safeguarded by a bespoke demolition curtain supported by a Liebherr HS 8050 duty cycle crawler crane. Other hydraulic excavators (CAT 330, CAT 329) are carrying out the ancillary work and have already started processing the material. The building is due to be demolished to ground level by the end of July. Given the site's complex environment—neighboring a subway, tram lines, an underground parking garage, and the Stachus building's basement—the demolition must proceed meticulously, employing the pilgrim step method in harmony with the construction of the new floor slab. As plans for the new hotel include two extra floors, a strategic opening will be made in the new cover to allow for the removal of excavated material via a cable excavator in an under-cover construction process. The completion or reopening of the Hotel Königshof is planned for the end of 2021.

(A perfect challenge for our XMB 2.8 concrete crusher!)

Source: Ausgabe Abbruch aktuell 2019/3